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Heather Burris

Heather's paintings represent her love and passion for western culture, rodeo, horses and the various landscapes. She is inspired by her experiences living the ranch life in East Texas. Every painting represents a moment in time and a lived experience. The spirit of the land, livestock and the pride of the rancher and farmer are combined to create scenic landscapes that she feels are what define the true cowboy heritage.

Heather has a lifelong passion for horses and is an avid barrel racer living the western lifestyle. She is a proud wife, mother and grandmother. Heather has painted since she was a young girl and was self taught giving all the glory to God for the gift and other inspiring artists that helped her along her journey. Especially her God, her Mother, and her Godmother, professional Artist Pam Bloch, who inspired her and been her idol since she was a very young girl.

Her commission work reflects the importance of sharing the gift to bring others joy and bringing memories to life on canvas they can cherish.

Heather Burris

Paintings By Heather
Heather Burris

Email: heather4b_ranch@yahoo.com

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